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Aditya Raj Goswami
This is the best I could found. I approached them via facebook and found place very attractive. No tension of brokerage and advance. No paper tension Best services and appreciate the deal given. Vishnu is always there to help us
Aditya Pratap
Amazing experience with SimplyMoveIn till now. No hassles , everything is there whatever you need! Just move in and the place is yours. Great support from Vishnu as well. Keep up the good work
Kimpy Kaur
NYC apartment and very NYC services provided by simplymovein team. Thank u for your great work
Rishi Raj Mitra
One of the best services in terms of living in a flat or villa in bangalore. I am very much satisfied by the response time these people put into. A great thanks to vishnu for all the hassle free services. He is very dependable and will guide you through. Good job! Keep it up.
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